A day of service

Athens is a great town, with a bunch of nice restaurants, fantastic music, and art. And of course, there is UGA! We are also rich in civil rights and community activism. I think it is important to be involved in community events, especially related to civil rights.

Athens, like many towns across the country, celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. today. The morning was dedicated to a day of service and the afternoon was the first MLK day parade. I love to participate in these things, because they provide the “glue” in a community. Athens has some very dedicated and wonderful people, and I was happy to spend the day celebrating with them.

The morning included a welcome gathering with Life the Griot (aka Lemuel Laroche). He gave a very inspiring talk.

There was a large and diverse crowd at the MLK day of service event.

My wife and I worked at the Gospel Pilgram Cemetery clearing the grave sites from overgrown brush. It is an African American cemetery that was used by people who could not afford burials.

Here is one of the graves that I cleaned up today.

I met new friends today. This is a group of fly fishermen who are trying to raise awareness of global warming. Good group of activists!

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