New Grants!

The past few months have been quite productive. As the saying goes, “the harder I work, the luckier I get”!

New NIH RO1 (with Bill Brey, NHMFL): Development of a High-sensitivity 13C NMR Probe for Metabolomics

New Moore Foundation (with Mary Ann Moran, UGA): Assessing the movement of carbon currencies between marine microbes

New NSF (again with Mary Ann): Metabolic Currencies of the Ocean Carbon Cycle

NIH Admin supplement (with Ted Ross, UGA): Predictive modeling to identify biomarkers of disease severity in Zika virus infections

NIH RO1 (with Maureen Keller-Wood): Effects of Maternal Cortisol on Fetal and Neonatal Growth and Metabolism

Stay tuned for more that might be on the horizon!