Congrats to Takahiro and team!

We are pleased to be part of a team that published an exciting nature paper this week. Takahiro Ito and his lab contacted us to help with a story about metabolic flux through the branch chain amino transferase enzyme in leukemia, and after about 2 years of work, the story came together nicely!

Gravitational waves

No, we haven’t gotten into metabolomics of gravitational waves, but we did have a wonderful visit from Dave Reitze, Executive Director of LIGO. Dave is a friend from UF and the NHMFL, and he stopped by the CCRC before his wonderful public lecture on the detection of gravitational waves. Check out this short video with Dave telling us how it works. What exciting science!

Dave and Art in front of the CCRC 900.

Instrumentation updates

2016 was a busy year with our move from UF and setting things up at UGA. We are finally getting where we want to be now.

Our first major instrument was the worm sorter

Then we got a new 600 MHz AVIII-HD Bruker NMR for metabolomics (with sample changer): wonderful instrument!

A month ago we upgraded our 800 MHz to the latest Bruker for metabolomics (with sample changer). We are still waiting for some specialized probes, especially a 1.5-mm cryo.

Last month we also ordered the final upgrade to our 900 MHz system for structural biology. Guess which company got that order?