Congratulations to Rahil!

Rahil Taujale (second year IOB student co-mentored with Prof. Kannan) became a training fellow in the Glycobiology Training Program in the CCRC!

This is very well-deserved, as Rahil is making great progress on constructing a phylogeny of glycosyl transferases.

Congrats, Rahil!!

New Grants!

The past few months have been quite productive. As the saying goes, “the harder I work, the luckier I get”!

New NIH RO1 (with Bill Brey, NHMFL): Development of a High-sensitivity 13C NMR Probe for Metabolomics

New Moore Foundation (with Mary Ann Moran, UGA): Assessing the movement of carbon currencies between marine microbes

New NSF (again with Mary Ann): Metabolic Currencies of the Ocean Carbon Cycle

NIH Admin supplement (with Ted Ross, UGA): Predictive modeling to identify biomarkers of disease severity in Zika virus infections

NIH RO1 (with Maureen Keller-Wood): Effects of Maternal Cortisol on Fetal and Neonatal Growth and Metabolism

Stay tuned for more that might be on the horizon!

Happy 2017!

We have added several people recently to the lab.

Max Colonna moved from a research scientist to a first year Biochemistry grad student. Max is co-mentored by Shaying Zhou (IOB and Biochemistry), so we also get to start an exciting new project with her lab!

Sicong Zhang joined the lab as a first year Biochemistry grad student. Sicong is very good with MATLAB, so she will be helping with several projects. Her main project will be to work on the new Phytoplankton project with Mary Ann Moran (UGA Marine Sciences).

Dr. Haris Panagos started as a postdoc near the end of 2016. Haris will be splitting his time between technical support in the NMR facility and working on the new phytoplankton project.

Welcome, yawl!!